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4th April 2009

discrddseamstrs7:47pm: Cats turn knitting into bed
While I'm knitting, they do this:

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19th February 2007

cel_shell10:40am: Loki taking off with my yarn
Hi, I'm new. and I love this idea for a blog for cats on knitting. This is Loki, my black cat. A bit younger here but always keen to run after yarn while I'm knitting or perching on my lap, including knitting. :)

This was his first responce when I pulled out my yarn. Taken awhile back. (he's about 8 months now.)

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31st January 2007

rarabecca1:47pm: This is my cat Bitty Kitty in my knitting bag, she thought I brought it home for her.

14th September 2006

thesacrament10:12am: Nice to Meet You All
Hi folks!
I'm new here, but I've been doing knit and crochet, amongst other crafty things for a couple of years. I fell in love with the pics of cats in sweaters here and found my way here to sate my need for more cat knit pics! Hopefully I'll be posting some of my own soon. I live with four cats, so there are always plenty of photo opportunities!

I'm also really into web and graphic design and icon-making is one of my guilty pleasures. I saw from an earlier post that this community needs a userpic and I tried my hand at one - no need to use if you don't like. Stock knitting photo from stock.xchng and the kitty is my brown mackerel tabby, Bob.

6th September 2006

discrddseamstrs7:34pm: I'm not touching it . . . (but I'm gonna) :p

7th July 2006

the_ocean11:56pm: hi! i'm new here!
my name's renee. i tried to learn how to knit once, but i was eight and decided it was too hard and havent tried since. but i crochet.
and i'm under constant attack from my two cats when i do crochet.
if i leave my yarn basket out, it gets PEED on! i've scrapped so many projects because i can't wash an unfinished project and i'm not going to work with peed on yarn!
thefuryofcocks10:46pm: You can't use these patterns. They're mine now.

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24th May 2006

discrddseamstrs5:33pm: So, I had this nice big box of brand new yarn, and I wanted a picture of it.   Somebody had other ideas.  Jerk.

24th April 2006


21st April 2006

thefuryofcocks10:57am: i had a pile of tied skeins of yarn that i'm getting ready to dye sitting on the card table.

which soon became cece's bed.

now she's actually pushed all the yarn around and made it into a nest.
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4th April 2006

thefuryofcocks11:53pm: i don't know why i bother trying to block things.

fricka frackin it's not a cat bed!Collapse )

it was laying flat yesterday. i woke up this morning and it was in a big pile. sigh. she doesn't seem to mind the pins.
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3rd April 2006


31st March 2006

discrddseamstrs5:27pm: Mod post: volunteers requested
I admit, the layout of this community is very boring. I’m at a loss for what to do with it. I know how to do everything, but I’ve just gotten too lazy these days to actually do it. Options are limited right now, but I can make this community a paid accont. If anyone would like to volunteer to fix up the layout to look cool, that would be awesome.

An icon for the community would be nice too. If anyone wants to make us one, that would also be awesome.

11th March 2006


I wasn’t able to get a picture of her with the work, because she was sitting on it. Kitty’s name is Peetey.

6th March 2006

alfabet1269:40pm: Frizzy and the afghan.
My Frizzy was never a lap cat - until I got pregnant. Now I can't keep him out of my lap.
Here he is settling down with the baby afghan I knitted - while it was in my lap and I was trying to work on it.

cozy kittyCollapse )

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3rd March 2006

pelica9:51am: Hi !

Here's Dame Plume (French name) with a knitted stuffed kitty. She looks so happy.

2nd March 2006

mnsfibers11:46pm: ...then I realized you really meant cats.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Snip, helping me "wind" yarn (bobbins for my electric wheel in the front there, handspun in the background)

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_notanartist_11:48pm: Inca & the Great Grey Afghan
How timely! What a great idea for a community, sometimes it seems like I can't take a picture of the knitting without having to shoo away a cat... like this one from yesterday morning!


(More info about pattern etc. on my blog)
ea000blaze11:01pm: Mahoot on Sesame.
Image hosting by Photobucket
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discrddseamstrs8:12pm: First post

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